For those of you that follow my Facebook Business Page, you already know about the angiogram I had done on February 8th. It went well, and my arteries looked great.

So I have been recovering this past week. The first 48 hours after the procedure, my wrist was in a splint to keep from bending it. And it has been a bit sore since. I had my 1 week follow up to check on the healing yesterday (the 15th). Everything is healing well. Although the nurse said she has never seen a bruising pattern like mine. Lol! I am cleared for normal activity now. Yay!

I am not sure I will be making anything new this week. My wrist still has some pain and twinges when I move it a certain way. I may try making some earrings since they are not as involved as making pendants. I may do another Flash Sale Friday like I did last week if I do not have any new items for the week.

Thank you all for your understanding as I try to figure out what is going on with my heart. Even the doctors are a bit baffled at this point. Eventually I will be seeing the electrophysiologist again.

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