How the Shopping Cart Works

I just wanted to run through a few things about the shopping cart system I use.

1. After you add an item to your cart, it will be unavailable for others to add for 8 minutes. This should be enough time to get through the check out process.

2. There is a slight chance that an item could sell twice. My website inventory system doesn't mark an item as sold until the payment confirmation comes through. If 2 payments come through close together, it could sell twice. This has only happened once since I have had my website. If I receive 2 orders for the same item, the order that came through first will get the item. Any other orders for that item will get a full refund.

3. If you try to add an item to your cart but it shows it is unavailable, try again in about 10 minutes. If someone adds it to their cart but decides not to get it, it will then be available again for others to add.

Please let me know through the Contact Form if you have any questions.

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