Wire Types: #1 Craft Wire

Craft Wire

What do all those words describing the wire used in your creations mean?!

Ever wonder that as you read an item description? I thought I would spend some time covering the different types of wires I use.

First up: Craft Wire!
Craft wire is typically a copper core. If the wire is silver plated, that happens next (makes colors more vibrant). Then color is permanently applied to the copper/silver plating. Last is a tarnish resistant coating. This helps keep the copper core from tarnishing as quickly. This coating can wear down after time with use/wear. I have necklaces made with craft wire I have had for years with no signs of tarnish. This wire cannot be polished. Otherwise the tarnish resistant coating and color/silver plating can be removed. 

While there is a possibility of tarnish, your item wrapped with craft wire should last for a long time. As always, personal body chemistry and humidity contribute to how quickly an item will tarnish. You can store your item in an air tight container (zip type plastic bag) to help slow the tarnishing process. Make sure to keep the item away from sharp objects. You don't want the wire to get scratched (as with any jewelry item). And remember not to use any polishing cloth/solutions on the wire.

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