Wire Types: #2 Bare Metal Wire

Bare Metal Wire

Bare Metal Wire
These wires are the metal it is made of without any coating (except one noted below). Bare metals will tarnish, but they can be polished (except for one noted below). Often times I will oxidize the finished item (fancy name for causing the wire to tarnish quickly) and polish up the high points. This shows the detail of the wire work.

•Tinned Copper Wire
This is not a completely bare metal wire but two bare metals together. This is a copper core that has a layer of tin. Tin makes the copper stronger. Tin does tarnish but takes significantly longer to do so than bare copper wire. I would not polish it since this could expose the copper.

•Bare Copper Wire
This is copper wire with no coating. Will it turn your skin green? It’s possible, but should easily wash off. Items that fit more snug can cause more green because there is no/limited air flow.

•Jewelers Brass
Jewelers Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, sometimes including small amounts of other metals. Usually it is 67% copper and 33% zinc.

Take care not to scratch the wire when handling/wearing your item. While there is not a coating to get scratched, you can leave marks. You can gently polish the wire with a cloth (I use Sunshine brand—yellow color). Bare metal wire is great for longevity and items you want to wear everyday.

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