Safety Precautions taken to help prevent the spread of illness

What am I doing personally to make sure I am not spreading illness through my items/packaging?

•I wash and sanitize my hands and work space before creating.
•I wash and sanitize my hands before packing up orders.
•If the item itself can be washed, I will do that too. Unfortunately, some of the materials I use cannot be washed.
•If I cough/sneeze I cover with my arm. And then wash hands before continuing with my creating.
•Most resources I’ve read state the coronavirus can live 9-12 hours on surfaces (possibly longer, especially on stainless steel). Once I pack items for shipping, it is usually 12+ hours before they leave my home for the post office.

Currently, I am still shipping worldwide. This could change if the USPS decides to shut down delivery to certain countries. Currently there could be delays to places in China and Hong Kong. I will try to keep up-to-date information on the website. Stay safe everyone!

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